Rooftop Type Pools

Discover the art of rooftop pool design with Ambika Construction Solutions. Each pool type is perfectly crafted, offering a unique blend of style, functionality, and ambience to elevate your rooftop space.

Infinity Rooftop Pool

Experience an Endless Horizon: Elevate your rooftop with our sophisticated Infinity Rooftop Pool design, seamlessly merging the pool’s edge with the captivating skyline.

Lap Rooftop

Fitness in Elegance: Ambika brings you the Lap Rooftop Pool, a sleek and narrow design catering to fitness enthusiasts seeking a refreshing workout with a view.

Roof Garden Pool

Nature-Inspired Serenity: Ambika integrates greenery and landscaping around our Roof Garden Pool, creating a tranquil rooftop oasis blending water features with natural elements.

Sky Lounge

Relaxation Elevated: Our Sky Lounge Pool is designed for leisure and socializing, featuring stylish surroundings, sunbeds, and panoramic rooftop views.

Cantilevered Rooftop Pool

Architectural Marvels: Ambika creates gravity-defying experiences with our Cantilevered Rooftop Pool, extending beyond the building’s edge for a thrilling atmosphere.

Rooftop Pool

Swim with a View: Immerse yourself in a unique perspective with Ambika’s Glass-Bottom Rooftop Pool, offering a transparent floor for an exciting aquatic experience.

Plunge Rooftop

Compact Luxury: Our Plunge Rooftop Pool combines style and efficiency, perfect for a quick dip in a chic and relaxing rooftop setting.

Urban Oasis Rooftop

Escape in the City: Transform your rooftop into an Urban Oasis with Ambika’s pool design, offering a serene retreat amidst the urban landscape.

Rooftop Spa

Luxury and Therapy: Indulge in the ultimate rooftop relaxation with Ambika’s Rooftop Spa Pool, combining the luxury of a spa with the refreshing nature of a pool.

Elevated Jacuzzi
Rooftop Pool

Luxurious Heights: Ambika introduces the Elevated Jacuzzi Rooftop Pool, seamlessly integrating elevated Jacuzzi sections for a lavish and rejuvenating rooftop experience.