Overflow Type

At Ambika Constructions and Solutions, we bring innovation and craftsmanship together to create breathtaking Overflow type pools. Our designs are not just pools; they are expressions of luxury, elegance, and functionality.

Perimeter Overflow Pool

Elevate your outdoor space with a Perimeter Overflow Pool. The water spills over the edges, creating a serene and reflective surface. This design adds a touch of sophistication to any environment.

Slot Overflow Pool

Our Slot Overflow Pool features a subtle and stylish slot where water gently overflows, creating a tranquil ambiance. This design is perfect for those who appreciate minimalist aesthetics.

Vanishing Edge Pool

Embrace the beauty of a Vanishing Edge Pool, where the water appears to vanish into the horizon. This modern design not only captivates the eye but also provides a soothing atmosphere.

Infinity Edge Pool

Experience the illusion of water extending to the horizon with our Infinity Edge Pool. This design creates a seamless blend between the pool water and the surrounding landscape, offering a stunning visual effect.

Deck Level Overflow Pool

Enjoy a unique swimming experience with our Deck Level Overflow Pool. The water level aligns with the pool deck, producing a sleek and contemporary appearance while maintaining a constant water level.

Cascading Overflow Pool

Add a touch of drama to your outdoor space with a Cascading Overflow Pool. Multiple overflowing tiers create a cascading effect, enhancing the visual appeal and providing a soothing sound of flowing water.

Lap Overflow Pool

For those seeking a combination of fitness and luxury, our Lap Overflow Pool is designed for lap swimming with the added beauty of a continuous overflow feature, making your exercise routine a visual delight. 

Mirror Edge Pool

The Mirror Edge Pool creates a mirror-like reflection with its smooth, overflowing surface. This design is perfect for those who appreciate simplicity and a clean aesthetic.

Reflecting Overflow Pool

Experience tranquility with our Reflecting Overflow Pool. The water overflows gently, creating a reflective surface that mirrors the beauty of the surroundings, providing a serene and calming atmosphere.

Dual Overflow Pool

Our Dual Overflow Pool is a perfect blend of style and functionality. With overflowing edges on two sides, this design not only looks impressive but also ensures efficient water circulation.