Jauczzi Type Pools

Discover the art of rooftop pool design with Ambika Construction Solutions. Each pool type is perfectly crafted, offering a unique blend of style, functionality, and ambience to elevate your rooftop space.

Infinity Rooftop

Built into the ground for a seamless and luxurious look. Often integrated with the overall design of the backyard or outdoor space.

In-Ground Jacuzzi Pools

Freestanding and placed on the ground surface. More flexible in terms of installation and often easier to relocate.

Portable Jacuzzi Pools

Designed for easy transport and installation. Typically self-contained with built-in heating and filtration systems.

Wooden Jacuzzi Pools

Constructed using high-quality wood for a rustic and natural appearance. Blend well with outdoor landscapes and offer a unique aesthetic.

Inflatable Jacuzzi Pools

Quick to set up and easy to store when not in use. Perfect for temporary installations or situations where portability is essential.

Exercise Jacuzzi Pools

Equipped with powerful jets for resistance swimming. Designed for aquatic exercise and rehabilitation.

Overflow Jacuzzi Pools

Feature an overflowing design for a visual and auditory effect. Water spills over the edges, creating a serene and relaxing atmosphere.

Plunge Jacuzzi Pools

Compact and deep pools designed for a quick plunge or soaking. Ideal for smaller spaces or those looking for a relaxing dip.

Hydrotherapy Jacuzzi Pools

Equipped with specialized jets for therapeutic massages. Targeted jets provide relief for muscles and joints.

Swim Spa Jacuzzi Pools

Combines a swimming area with a hot tub in one unit. Allows for both exercise and relaxation in a single pool.

Dual-Temperature Jacuzzi Pools

Divided into two sections with different temperatures. Provides the option to enjoy a warm soak and a cooler plunge in the same pool.